So, we’ve been working on a project lately that we are unsure of continuing.  

Some of you guys may or may not know that we roleplay out loud together. It’s really just for fun and has only ever been us in private. We roleplay scenes and scenarious of our favorite characters. Fenris & Hawke, Tahno & Korra, etc…

But recently we’ve been trying to put together something public. We hoped that our fun might be enjoyed by others. Perhaps even make regular episodes of a story.

So here’s a trial run of our Loki & Sigyn!

This recording is ENTIRELY improvised, with no script at all except an agreement of the setting, so please forgive us any awkwardness. 

Again, this is just a trial. So if you like it, let us know! Otherwise we’ll probably let the idea drop. 

Just a little background AU on what we decided would work for this story:

It takes place after the Avengers but before Thor: The Dark World. Instead of complete imprisonment, Loki is magically bound to the Asgard palace in a sort of House Arrest. During an Asgardian feast, Sigyn stumbles on the lone prince in an empty room while looking for some privacy herself.

Loki is played by Sylar of course, and Sheila is Sigyn.